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Introduction of polyaspartic polyurea flooring

Good quality Typical Aspartic Ester Resin for sales
Good quality Typical Aspartic Ester Resin for sales
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Introduction of polyaspartic polyurea flooring
Introduction of polyaspartic polyurea flooring

The flooring refers to the use of specific materials and processes on the original ground construction treatment and presents a certain decorative and functional ground.

Now more common are epoxy self-leveling floor, sand wear-resistant floor, epoxy terrazzo floor, cement-based terrazzo, polyurea anti-corrosion floor, polyurethane floor, silicon PU floor, concrete sealing agent floor and polyaspartic polyurea floor and so on.


Among them, polyaspartic polyurea flooring has gained the favor of many customers with its unique advantages, and is used in parking lots, stadium bleachers, hospital operating rooms, basketball courts, industrial workshops and many other occasions.

In terms of performance, polyaspartic polyurea floor coating has outstanding advantages.

1, Has a higher wear resistance, as well as high impact resistance, and also has a longer service life than epoxy flooring and traditional polyurethane flooring.

2, Polyaspartic polyurea material is very tough, the surface can be made into a non-slip texture surface, More anti-slip than normal flooring. Moreover, the resilient ground has an effective cushioning effect on impacts, providing effective protection for walking safety.

3, Polyaspartic polyurea high elasticity ground can effectively reduce the noise issued by the collision of the soles of shoes and the ground, reduce the sound of footsteps, especially can reduce the hard soles of shoes when walking on the environment of the interference, keep the environment quiet.


Introduction of polyaspartic polyurea flooring


4, Polyaspartic Polyurea is a non-toxic, odorless, green and environmentally friendly material containing a unique anti-bacterial ingredient that can effectively resist the growth of common bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli, effectively upgrading the level of public sanitation.

5, Polyaspartic polyurea flooring is a one-piece seamless coating that can be firmly bonded directly to the cement substrate, saving construction costs.


Therefore, polyaspartic polyurea coating has been applied within many flooring systems, such as polyaspartic polyurea hardening super wear-resistant system, polyaspartic polyurea elastic super wear-resistant system, polyaspartic polyurea quick repair system, polyaspartic polyurea heavy pressure resistance system, polyaspartic polyurea rock chip flooring system and so on.

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