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The designing of polyaspartic polyurea adhesive formulation

Good quality Typical Aspartic Ester Resin for sales
Good quality Typical Aspartic Ester Resin for sales
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The designing of polyaspartic polyurea adhesive formulation
The designing of polyaspartic polyurea adhesive formulation

The preparation of polyaspartic polyurea adhesive usually requires the addition of thickener, base material wetting agent, adhesion promoter and various fillers and other auxiliary materials. These auxiliary materials are added to the resin component as far as possible, while avoid adding to the curing agent component, because the curing agent component is highly active, which is easy to absorb moisture in the air in the process of processing and thickening metamorphism. Moreover, the additives added by polyaspartic polyurea adhesive need to avoid bringing in amine groups, hydroxyl groups and compounds, because these substances have an obvious catalytic effect on polyaspartic polyurea resin, which will greatly shorten the operating time. Adding adhesives to a variety of color filler also requires drying treatment.


The quick repairing polyaspartic polyurea adhesive formulation


The reaction speed of polyaspartic polyurea adhesive can be controlled, and the reaction time can be controlled from 1 minute to dozens of minutes. In the situation of quick repairing, the construction team needs to mix the glue quickly and use it. The reaction speed of the polyurea adhesive can also be adjusted according to the construction requirements.


In terms of product design, there are two options: first, the highly active polyaspartic polyurea resin such as F621, F220 be combined with aliphatic isocyanate curing agent HDI trimer; Second, conventional polyaspartic polyurea resin like F420, F520, be combined with highly active aromatic isocyanate curing agent MDI, TDI prepolymer, etc.


The no-yellowing polyaspartic polyurea adhesive formulation


For some yellowing resistance requirements, such as windowsill floor tile sealant, exposed doors and windows with group angle glue, advertising luminous letters, outdoor USE of LED lamp packaging. In product design, resin components are main consist of F520, F420, F5240 and other resins. In curing agent components, according to the requirements of specific mechanical properties, the appropriate materials could be conventional trimer, biuret, HDIIPDI and polyester diol, polycarbonate diol and other adduct, such as the Feiyang's GB926, GB509. So that wider performance space can be obtained.

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